Disrupting The Journey Series: Tech & Content Part 2

Disrupting The Journey Series: Tech & Content Part 2

Last month we revealed the first results from our survey on customer loyalty within the tech & content space.

From this there were 2 key learnings: 1) as the marketing press is at no pains to remind us, consumers are fickle and not always brand loyal; 2) but, crucially, consumers are open to disruptions in the journey.

This is good news for brands. If brands can find ways to positively interrupt consumers’ journeys, they can give existing customers a reason to stay, and competitor’s customers a reason to switch.

By doing something to surprise or delight consumers, brands create a double win; for their customers, as well as for themselves.

But not only are consumers open to these disruptions, disruptions can really work.

Firstly, we see that disruptions can lead to brand switch. 19% of consumers on a tech purchase journey say they ended up buying from a different brand to the one they originally planned to purchase from. For millennials, this figure steps up to 20%.

The research also shows opportunities for challenger brands to disrupt the journey, with 17% of consumers saying they ended up buying a brand they were not familiar with before.

Disruptions work not only for stealing competitors’ share, but also for maintaining customer loyalty. 36% of consumers say they were considering changing from their usual tech brand, but in the end chose to stay.

We know consumers are open to disruptions, and we know that these disruptions can work. But there is still the crucial question of what it takes for a brand to create successful disruption to the consumers’ journey.

The third and final part of our survey results exploring the drivers for successful disruptions will be shared in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Heather Young Heather Young