Adidas ist Fitbit: The Collaboration of Sports & Tech Brands

Adidas ist Fitbit: The Collaboration of Sports & Tech Brands

Fitbit has teamed up with Adidas in a bid to appeal to European and Asian consumers, where Fitbit’s brand has less impact than it does in North American markets. Next month, Fitbit will release a special version of its new Ionic smartwatch, in a collaboration with Adidas.

In one clear way, the Fitbit x Adidas collaboration is a response to the Apple watch. Apple partnered effectively with Adidas’s rival, Nike, to create a limited edition version of its smartwatch offering. Fitbit’s share of the wearables market took a beating with the introduction of the Apple smartwatch.

The Ionic is its considered response to Apple’s effect on the industry. It is Fitbit’s first full smartwatch: its features include 4-day battery life, GPS tracking, payment features, and heart-rate tracking.

Whilst both Adidas and Fitbit stand to gain from their joint offering, the collaboration appears more necessary to Fitbit’s health than it does to the German sportswear giant.

Adidas has a long track record of using brand partnerships as a way of targeting diverse demographics and enhancing share of voice. It has joined forces with artists, celebrities, and large sports events in order to stay prominent in consumer minds. Its partnerships with Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto are practically best in class examples of how brands can collaborate effectively.

The difference with this latest partnerships is that Fitbit is, frankly, a brand in need of resuscitation. But, already, the collaboration has generated some curiosity among industry heads. The question is whether or not it can penetrate wider consumer consciousness.

Nick Bland Nick Bland