Priya and Dave’s first year at TVE

Joining TVE Early 2020, Priya and Dave’s first year has certainly been an interesting one! We asked a few all-important questions.

What’s your favourite moment/project highlight of your time so far at TVE?

DH: It’s hard to pick just one as so much has happened. I’ve been lucky to work on loads of exciting projects in the last year! A real highlight for me was receiving feedback from a client on a video we produced, saying how much they loved it and that it had become the benchmark for all their future videos.

PP: My highlight was when we won a project with a major distiller that we’d been really keen to work with!

What (annoying) habits have you picked up since you started working at TVE?

DH: Since I’ve spent 10 of the 12 months I’ve been at TVE working from home, my worst habit has to be spending all day every day working in my jogging bottoms or, ‘comfys’ as I like to call them.

PP: The most annoying habit I have picked up since joining TVE is picking up a chocolate bar instead of a Dumbell! But I blame the pandemic more than I do TVE lol! My exercise regime seems to have gone out the window as all gyms are shut so I am definitely struggling to keep motivated.

Inside the TVE Snack cabinet: Snog marry avoid: Chocolate hobnobs, lotus biscuits, Maryland cookies?

DH: Snog – Maryland cookies. Marry – Chocolate hobnobs. Avoid – Lotus biscuits.

PP: Snog – Maryland cookies, Marry – Chocolate hobnobs. Avoid – Lotus biscuits.

What is your experience/learnings around lockdown and TVE?

DH: I used to find video calls very awkward. I find it interesting how fast something that not long ago seemed so alien can become a normal, if not vital part of day-to-day life.

PP: My experience from lockdown was strange having only been in the office for 3 months. I was worried about building relationships with colleagues. But I soon realised this would not be an issue as the TVE team were always thinking of new ways to keep the communication and fun flowing, for example, Friday night quiz/drinks, delivery of sweet treats, Wednesday works outs, Yoga, and a lot more!

What would you say to yourself on your first day?

DH: This is going to be the strangest year of your life but also one of the most fulfilling.

PP: “Be prepared to take lots of notes.” This was the prime opportunity to hear about the goals my boss and others have for the company, the department, and top projects. It was my chance to grasp the big picture, as well as the priorities.

Describe TVE in three words?

DH: Creative, versatile, imaginative

PP: Collaborative, Supportive, Transparent

By: The Value Engineers

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