New year, New you, New tech: Our highlights from CES 2020

#2020Vision #NewDecadeNewMe – with the New Year comes new hashtags as we all look to make changes from 2019 and the 2010s. Over the last decade we witnessed huge leaps in tech and we’re sure there’ll be more in the coming years. This year’s CES made sure the tech world started the 2020s with a bang and so a few of us from TVE’s Tech team picked out favourite pieces:


Eleanor Morris: There were certainly some weird and wonderful things to come out of the CES this year, my highlight sits more in the former than the later. Segway have announced the latest addition to their family, a sit-down Segway, and it looks oddly familiar… perhaps someone at Segway watched WALL-E and was inspired. Will this be the next big thing for green transport or will it fall at the first step (metaphorically, we already know it can’t go up stairs)


Simon Stokes: The world’s first full-screen fold-able laptop. Dual-screen your laptop experience and, when you are done with your conference call, fold it out to be a screen for watching your favourite streamers. Time Magazine said the X1 Fold “has all the gadget lust of a sleek and powerful tablet with the added benefit of performing a magic trick on command” … but cautioned that with ”But Will Anybody Want One?”. We shall see…



Daniel Abu: Cars, bikes, helicopters, submarines (ScUbers – I can’t take the credit on this one) and in 2023 flying taxis. My highlight from CES 2020 is Uber and Hyundai’s electric plane, Uberdai, which they envisage will fly up to 3 passengers as far as 60 miles across cities at first in the US and Australia. Do you think urbanites are ready to swap cars and roads for the skies?


Rachel Ballard: Brands are always challenging the norm at CES, and my highlight of CES 2020 has been to see a number of brands simply challenging our expectations around shape. The round mobile phone from Cyrcle is one example, but my favourite was the Y-Brush toothbrush. Why do toothbrushes have to be long, thin and, if we’re honest, a bit of a faff when a gum shield can do the same job in 10 seconds?



James Hawes: 5G functionality, 360 degree audio, and 0 to 96km/h in 4.5 seconds – Sony stole the show with their concept electric car. Vision-S will never go into production, but the tech juggernaut’s fully functional creation had us all excited for what the future might bring.


Sam Barton: This one’s for the TikTok generation. Samsung’s latest rotating TV allows viewers to watch their videos in portrait as well as landscape. Smartphone users will be able to watch their favourite social media videos in portrait mode on a larger screen. Will the Sero take, or will it stay as a gimmick at CES?


By: The Value Engineers

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