The Marketing Complex: The need to manage multiplicity

The Marketing Complex: The need to manage multiplicity

Despite the fact that we now live in a digital era where brands need to cross categories, continents and customer types and engage with them all 24/7, too much of brand thinking is still based on old world principles.

It’s time for the marketing world to realise that being single-minded can equate to being narrow-minded. For too long, marketers have been seduced by the siren call of simplicity.

At the same time, brand owners are abdicating their responsibilities and handing over the reins to customers. While customer-centricity is key to marketing, the same isn’t necessarily true for brand positioning. Brands need “that vision thing”, and while many are recognising the potential of a brand purpose, they still aren’t underpinning them with real principles, just vague and generic values.

In “The Marketing Complex” Giles examines the current obsession with over-simplification and challenges marketers to consider whether they are crossing the line between the simplified and the simplistic.

Exploring the origins and appeal of simplification, the book shows how, contrary to popular belief, endless reductionism actually limits a brand’s potential.

It sets out a visionary new framework, supported by examples, tools and expertly explained techniques, and so enables marketers to recognise the importance of depth, multiplicity and complexity in managing a brand.


Initial response to the book has been very positive…


“A game-changer for marketers, this book is full of practical tips and frameworks for embracing the complexity of brand management and enabling true value and impact.”

Gemma Greaves, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society


“This is a study that gets to the heart of how brands and branding really works in a complex and ambiguous world. Giles makes a great case for why we must think harder and deeper about the purpose and philosophy behind our brands if we want them to thrive.”

Matt Close, Executive Vice President, Global Ice Cream, Unilever

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