Lurpak Softest: the first Game of Growth success story

The recent launch of Lurpak Softest, a new butter by Arla designed to be spreadable straight from the fridge, sent a ripple of pride throughout the office at The Value Engineers. It is perhaps a fantastic example of Inspiring Innovation, which Giles Lury recently spoke about at Marketing Week Live.

Back in January 2017, the team at The Value Engineers came together with Arla to pioneer a new methodology in innovation, called Game of Growth. As many of our clients now know, Game of Growth is an exciting and disruptive method for innovation, encapsulating the philosophy that there is no one right way to do innovation. Game of Growth champions the use multiple sources of inspiration, with teams working competitively in various “Houses”, approaching the innovation challenge from different start-points (nothing wrong with a healthy dose of competition!).

This methodology has since proved to be a fertile source of innovative ideas for a range of clients, that are both grounded in consumer insight and commercially viable. Lurpak Softest is the first of what will surely be a long line of successful product launches born out of Game of Growth.

Great work team Arla; the whole team at The Value Engineers are proud of this launch!


By: The Value Engineers

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