Disrupting The Journey Series : Tech & Content

Disrupting The Journey Series : Tech & Content

‘Consumers aren’t brand loyal anymore’

‘Brand loyalty is dead’

‘Consumers are fickle and happy to change brand’

These are things our clients have been telling us a lot recently.

In a fast-moving, highly connected world, where new technologies and evolving consumer behaviours disrupt familiar patterns, new market entrants take shortcuts in the path-to-purchase to win more customers, and marketers must work harder than ever to keep consumers on a journey with their brand.

At The Value Engineers one of our areas of particular interest is the tech & content space. Being the curious bunch that we are, we wanted to see how true the ‘loyalty is dead’ anthem rings within this category.

So, we conducted a survey.[1] And the results are quite staggering…

72% of consumers are open to changing their minds during their journey buying a technology brand.

Even if they are satisfied by a tech brand, 71% say they might choose another brand instead the next time.

This might seem to paint a rather bleak landscape. So what’s the solution? In a word: DISRUPT. Disrupting your own customers to give them reasons to stay; and disrupting competitive customers to drive acquisition.

Well-managed disruptions represent a double win: something surprising and interesting for the consumer, and a return for your brand.

On this more hopeful note, our data also shows that 36% of consumers that once planned to churn or switch brand, actually stayed loyal at the last minute because of a positive brand initiative. Did you realise that positive interruptions of your customers’ journeys can be your most efficient retention tool?

Over the coming weeks we’ll be delving a little further into the realm of double win disruption. Stay tuned to find out what brands should do to positively disrupt consumers’ journeys!

[1] N=500 UK Consumers

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