ATG Tickets: Free seat delivery in theatres

ATG Tickets: Free seat delivery in theatres

We’ve probably all been there. You’re in a theatre, huddling at a packed bar before the show starts, and you hear the five minute call. Not wanting to be late in, you’re faced with a conundrum; do you accept a drinkless and snackless act one, or do you persevere and run the risk of having to do the find-your-seat two step whilst the curtain is coming up?

This moment represents a pain point for live theatre consumers, a significant dip in the journey that can ultimately lead to venues losing out on food and beverage sales as consumers choose to avoid the stress of bustling bars and slow-moving ice-cream queues in favour of a more relaxing overall experience.

ATG Tickets have innovated around this pain point, leading to the creation of Ordertorium, an app that allows consumers to order snacks and drinks from the comfort of their seat, which are then hand delivered by a member of staff. A few taps on a smartphone and theatre-goers can be sufficiently stocked up with ice-cream, overly noisy bags of sweets and mini-bottles of wine. This not only removes a stressful purchase barrier for consumers, but helps to elevate their overall theatre experience through easy access to snacks and drinks which add to the treat occasion.

It may not exactly be cutting edge, but in a category characterised by slightly shabby auditoriums and dusting off the same old shows year after year, it marks a significant modernisation in the customer experience. The door is now open for other theatre-land brands to continue innovating through tech in this space, helping to drive change and transformation in a traditionally undisrupted category.

Heather Young Heather Young