12. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Vivino

12. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Vivino

This blog forms part of our wider The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread blog series, where we look at some of our favourite innovations in the food & drink industry. We’ll be uploading new posts regularly so keep checking back for some inspiring food for thought.

Ah, wine. Music to the ears of many at the end of a long day or the start of an evening. Some of might even have a favourite (New Zealand Sauvignon?  Yep, thought so) but how many of us know much more about the wine we drink other than that it has the biggest discount or the prettiest label? Vivino is about to change all that as it brings great wine to the people, and promises that you’ll ‘never pick a bad wine’ again.

Upon downloading Vivino, you join ‘the world’s largest community of wine drinkers’.  On taking a photo of any wine label, and you will instantly be presented with that wine’s rating, review, and average price.  The perfect shopping gadget that also works on a restaurant wine list, Vivino is the latest addictive app.

So what makes it special? Vivino wins out by bringing wine knowledge to a whole new demographic, and once you get the bug, there’s no going back.  Although the world is full of wine-drinkers, when it comes to being adventurous or understanding what constitutes a ‘good’ wine, many people will agree that they’re at a bit of a loss. Vivino wants to change that, and is breaking down the barriers holding us back.

Vivino brings you into the loop, comfortably swirling you around its hundreds of consumer-user reviews. It brings the wine world into the 21st century, as it is completely digital and devoid of stuffy or intimidating wine critics and highfalutin language. Vivino welcomes a whole new demographic to wine with open arms, and gives its users a brand new indulgence that is sure to impress all their friends.

Just like the ‘foodie’ has been let loose in the mainstream thanks to the proliferation of amateur food bloggers, the cult of the wine-lover may be about to take flight. Vivino will be there when it does: it’s already the perfect drinking partner for 24 million users.

Key-learning: sometimes innovation is about providing clarity for new consumers in a crowded market, not adding another product to it. 

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