The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread | New Food & Drink Innovation Blog Series

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread | New Food & Drink Innovation Blog Series

At The Value Engineers, we spend a lot of time talking about brands driving change. We spend almost as much time talking about food…

When you get us started on brands making bold innovations in food and drink, it can be hard to get a word in edge-ways. With exciting breakthroughs & creative new perspectives, brands are changing their own landscape and that of the market too, all while making the world that little bit tastier.

New products are being crafted to fit and anticipate consumer needs: think of the explosion of the free-from market, the emergence and evolution of sports nutrition, the surge in organic and ethical brands, and specific product booms like popcorn and fresh soup. But more than new products, food services have undergone something of a revolution. Street food stalls are in their heyday, services like Deliveroo are changing our eating habits, and ‘fast-food’ is no longer a dirty word thanks to services such as Leon and brands like Charlie Bigham.

Innovation is an exciting and potentially explosive way to make brands bolder and better. Innovation must be daring. We must embrace and explore the ambiguity of it, while keeping our eyes on our brand beliefs, consumer demands and market movements. With this attitude, we have helped our clients launch new formats of the world’s favourite ice creams, find new candy sweet-spots, and cause a stir in home cooking.

Brands in the food and drink industry have their fingers on the pulse of consumer demands as they keep bringing out market-changing products, some that we have been waiting for all our lives, and others that we never knew we couldn’t live without. Every week we will be sharing with you our favourite food and drink innovations and extracting a key learning from each story.

Stay tuned to see how brands have gone from insight, to innovation, to the best thing since sliced bread…

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