Consumers are setting big health and wellness aspirations for 2019. How Is your brand helping them get there?

As January rolls to a close, and thousands across the UK pick up a pint again and put down their vegan burger, we at TVE thought it an apt time to ask consumers about their aspirations for the rest of 2019.

We asked just under 3000 consumers in the UK what steps they’d taken towards their health & wellness goals for the upcoming year and got some pretty interesting responses.

The top goal set for 2019 is to sleep more; with 12% of the total sample choosing this as an aspiration.

Meditation is also on consumers’ minds, with an even higher proportion of those planning to meditate more in 2019 having invested in a new product or technology to help them achieve their goals.

And, of course, fitness plays a big part in many consumers’ health & wellness goals this year.

So it looks like health & wellness is coming in all shapes and forms in 2019. Whether it’s investing in a new product to help you sleep or downloading an app to help you meditate, or treating yourself to a new pair of trainers to hit the gym in, consumers are looking for inspiration from all over to get them to their goals.

1 in 10 of our sample have purchased new active wear to motivate them towards achieving their health & wellness goals: this is a huge opportunity for active wear and athleisure brands alike to tap into. We’ve seen many fitness brands transition into the lifestyle space in an attempt to emotionally connect with their consumers, build brand affinity and ultimately drive purchase.

As consumers look set to take their health & wellness more and more seriously in 2019 and set their aspirations ever higher to #livetheirbestlife, it’s clear that brands have a role to play in helping them get there. Does your brand consider itself in the health & wellness lifestyle space, and if not, should it?

What is your brand doing to help consumers live their best lives in 2019?

By: The Value Engineers

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