Introducing one of our new graduates… Lucy Morgan-Hobbs

Introducing one of our new graduates… Lucy Morgan-Hobbs

I first found out about The Value Engineers and the world of Brand Consulting in the spring of my second year at University. After completing seemingly endless online numerical tests and personality questionnaires for management consultancy internships – I was desperately seeking out something a little more innovative, creative and exciting.

Ignoring the polite notice on the TVE website that informed me the deadline for summer intern applications had passed, I sent in my application. Although gutted to find the intern positions had already been filled, I felt encouraged when they suggested I apply next year for a graduate role. So, instead, I spent half of my summer at a small interior design company, I moved to Sweden, and eight months later – I did.

“Tell us about a brand you’re passionate about” I was asked in my application to join the team as a graduate Analyst. A brand I’m passionate about? While I’d been drawn to the prospect of a career in “brand consulting” with a desire to work in an environment that strikes the balance between creativity and strategic rigour – I hadn’t actually given much thought to why I wanted to work with brands, or what made any of them particularly special.

With some careful consideration, I realised I couldn’t quite put my finger on simply one aspect that made my favourite brands stand out among the rest. A brand isn’t just a good product, a nice logo or a catchy tag line; a truly good brand has not only a purpose but a unique personality, a set of core principles, and an innovative way of communicating these qualities to the consumer. And as such, I began to recognise the multiplicity of the modern world of branding, and how exciting it could be to work with a company that uses its expertise to help brands to drive change instead of just react to it.

The Value Engineers is a forward-thinking, pioneering company that will force you to challenge what you think you know, think outside the box and encourage you to apply your own knowledge to new situations. This is the reason I wanted to join the team, and so far have had a more exciting and dynamic two weeks than I ever could have anticipated.

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