A Gem of a Book: The Marketing Complex

A Gem of a Book: The Marketing Complex

Giles Lury’s new book – The Marketing Complex is now available. Find out why being single-minded can actually mean you’re being narrow-minded, understand why the difference between marketing and branding is so important and read the research that shows how values are being devalued.

While the book has only just been released, pre-publication reviews suggest it will be an important read for everyone in marketing.

“It’s exciting when you come across an inspiring idea, but even more so when it is shaking one of the most commonly accepted Brand Building beliefs. Giles Lury’s book tackles the “taboo” topic of single-mindedness and proves that truly big brands can communicate far more than short, simple statements. Really rich, broad and exciting. A gem of a book.”

Panos Kakambouras, Global Category Director at Arla Foods


“I loved this book. As a wizened marketer who has been marketing for over 25 years, I like the refreshing challenge of core marketing convention and principles. The Marketing Complex confronts the traditional concept that simplicity and focus are king. It is fine, indeed good, not to be simplistic; not to be wholly single-minded. This is captured in a framework, “the Marketing Complex Framework” that accepts and enables both these requirements.”

Andy Beattie: Global Chief Marketing Officer, Petronas Lubricants International


If you’re interested in coming along to the book launch on 13th September in London, please contact Joyce.

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