CLR CFF: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

This blog forms part of our wider The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread blog series, where we look at some of our favourite innovations in the food & drink industry. We’ll be uploading new posts regularly so keep checking back for some inspiring food for thought…

The RTD Coffee market is one of the fastest expanding categories in the drinks landscape with an estimated annual growth rate of 2.5% from 2018-2023 (Mordor Intelligence). One of the more unusual products contributing to the vast growth of the sector is CLR CFF’s clear coffee, in a stylish bottle, albeit with a slightly unpronounceable name.

CLR CFF was developed off the back of one key consumer insight: the desire for perfect pearly whites. The tannins in coffee, mixed with the porous enamel of teeth can result in coffee worshippers having yellow stained teeth. The Slovakian brothers behind CLR CFF harnessed this insight to develop a recipe for coffee which lacks any colour at all. The drink contains only water, coffee and caffeine to create a chemical free, unique offering.

Featured by Cosmopolitan as the first colourless coffee in the world, CLR CFF is a great example of a brand which is bold and head turning, as well as being completely in line with consumer demand. The value of the global teeth whitening market is estimated to be $3.78 billion by 2021 (Statistica), with teeth whitening products being splashed across Instagram by paid influencers. The brand cuts out the coffee stained issue in the chain, and thus becomes the ultimate implicit competitor for teeth whitening products, as well as traditional coffee outlets.

CLR CFF have challenged the perceptions of coffee at its core, and created a truly brewtiful product.

Key Lesson: Sometimes the answer is right in front of you: how can brands use insights to tap into a whole new way of thinking and shake up a category?

By: The Value Engineers

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