CHEERS: four beer brands doing great things!

Throughout these long summer days, our minds have turned (inevitably) to beer. With lots of movers and shakers in the beer category, we wanted to put the spotlight four brands, each leading the charge in their respective sub-categories, to see what we could learn from them.

Sub-category: World beer

Beer brand: Corona Extra

UK 2019 category share*: 17.3%


What we can learn: There are exciting ways to combat the issue of plastic waste.

Corona have responded to the fact that the beverage industry produces over 17 million tonnes of plastic packing each year by designing ‘fit packs’. Up to 10 Corona cans can be screwed together so that plastic isn’t necessary to link cans. And, the product is so portable that a plastic bag isn’t necessary to carry them! AND, if this wasn’t enough, this summer they’ve teamed up with environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans in an initiative where consumers can trade three empty PET plastic bottles for one bottle of beer.


Sub-category: Craft beer

Beer brand: Brew Dog IPA

UK 2019 category share*: 20.7%


What we can learn: To stand out against the crowd and be true to your brand character, you may need to challenge conventions.

Brew Dog are notoriously punk. They’ve gone to great lengths to ditch the mainstream and embrace the alternative, from serving Punk IPA in taxidermy to visibly mocking the taste of flagship beers. And, their recent ad campaign is no exception. They’ve done the opposite of what convention and rules expect and produced the ‘most honest ad ever’. It’s plain, simple and ideal for catching consumer attention. In living up to their Punk name, they’ve effectively raised brand awareness whilst maintaining their disruptor status.

Sub-category: Classic Lager

Beer brand: Fosters

UK 2019 category share*: 39.2%


What we can learn: That understanding the market, political environment and your brand’s consumer base is the key.

After 5 years in hiding, Fosters have brought back the successful ‘Good Call’ advert. This time, they’ve insured to make it more relevant. They’ve used Aussie optimism and humour to offset the likes of Trump, Brexit, and decreased lager sales. In mocking craft beer and emphasising its relaxed, fun brand identity, Fosters is drawing consumers back in.

Sub-category: Mainstream Premium Lager

Beer brand: Stella Artois

UK 2019 category share*: 35.2%


What we can learn: A brand can be appropriate for multiple occasions and spread a positive message

Through recent marketing campaigns, Stella Artois have suggested their lager can be enjoyed in all seasons, in any country, at a range of gatherings. They clearly focus on joy and a positive mentality, which is appealing to consumers. As seen below, ‘Joie de biere’ encourages lager lovers to take in the moments that matter, which are (obviously) aided with a cold Stella Artois.

*Source: MARSTONS off trade beer report 2019

By: The Value Engineers

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