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We will be using this page to give a consumer perspective on the world of tech.

Content Creators or Prosumers? Brands from professional and consumer strongholds are piling in to win over both sets of consumers, but which is more strategically valuable? Read our blog of the month to find where we think the more advantageous opportunity lies.

This month we’ve also been looking at how Tech is saving the festive season. From supporting small businesses to virtual carols, Tech is set to play an especially important role at Christmas this year.

We will be updating this page regularly, so stay tuned for more content!

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Our Blog Of The Month...

Firstly, what’s a Content Creator?

Take, for example, a YouTuber who creates, edits and produces vlogs. This is a Content Creator. Now say this vlogger has a growing following and wants to ‘level up’ the quality of their videos. This is a Content Creator who is in the market for some new kit, be it speakers, cameras, microphones and more.

Other News and Views

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Some Of Our Recent Thinking ...

Subscription Services

From TV and film, to exercise, to food, to furniture, to work space, subscription services are springing up across categories and continue to gain momentum to the point where we believe it is a sustained cultural change. We at The Value Engineers decided to conduct our own online study to dig deeper into what is driving this growth and how brands can harness it.

    Some Of Our Recent Work ...

    A 'tracker' for the future

    Predicting gamer behaviour

    Uncovering modern mums' unmet aspirations