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Influencers? Podcasts? Youtubers? At the turn of the century these terms were meaningless. Now, they’re a billion-pound industry. With more professional and more affordable technology than ever before, brands, creators and users are making more engaging content and discovering new ways to monetise their work.

Content creation has been front of mind this month and in our latest TVE Talks podcast, we got our resident sound engineer, influencer and audiophile together to discuss the future of content creation.

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Introducing The TVE Tech Team

Director Fleur Horner Talk to me about... Wearables & Segmentation

Director Simon Stokes Talk to me about... Engaging Digital Audiences

Head of Analytics James Hawes Talk to me about... Data-led Story Telling

Gaming Expert Eleanor Morris Talk to me about... The Race To The Next Gen Console

Entertainment Specialist Sam Barton Talk to me about... Subscription Saturation

Audio & Music Expert Rachel Ballard Talk to me about... Sonic Branding

Connectivity influencer Dan Abu Talk to me about... The internet of things

Marketing Manager Joyce Esser Talk to me about... Sport & Tech

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