Humanising the MedTech Revolution


In the next 10 years we believe that the real changes in healthcare will be driven by a revolution in MedTech.

While this much needed revolution will rely on hard science; the devices and the systems only become truly effective when they are bought and used by the right people at the right time. TVE combines analytical rigour with constructive creativity to make MedTech more human, accessible, valued and valuable.

This page is where our thinking on the MedTech revolution will be televised…

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Meet the Team

Ed Hebblethwaite

Leader of MedTech and FMCG teams. 30 years of experience and success in Defining Brand and Corporate Propositions, developing, testing and launching new products. Ed loves the challenge of taking the logic of new product and services and finding the emotional connection that makes it fly.


Fleur Horner

Officially a Dr but sadly not a medical one! Fleur started life as a research scientist in the field of exercise physiology and while she's now distanced from academia, she likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the world of exercise and health - wearables in particular.

Giles Lury
Senior Director

Giles is a brand specialist. His work in health ranges from foodaceuticals, like Flora Pro-Active, to Walgreen Boots to Boston Scientific, where he proudly developed their EVP.

His latest book will tell the tales of the creation and marketing of 50 health and Pharma brands. "Just what the doctor ordered" and will be published in 2021.

Mandolin Lextrait
Vice President

Mandolin has a background in behavioral science and customer understanding. She believes our healthcare system is at a point of great realization and change and is excited to be working with healthcare businesses on transformation toward a better system.

Nick Campbell
Senior Consultant

Fascinated by what keeps both humans and brands healthy, Nick likes to get under the skin of healthcare professionals and consumers alike to help MedTech brands understand their audiences and deliver powerful propositions.

Oliver Ronaldson

Ollie applies his strategic thinking from the world of Tech to MedTech devices and digital medicine. His experience spans repositioning to digital strategy and app development

Isobel McVey
Marketing Analyst

From a family of healthcare professionals, being passionate about health is in Issy’s blood. She loves exploring how brands can improve the patient experience and has her finger on the pulse of femtech.