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Travel and Lifestyle brands are what give colour to our lives and help us create the moments that matter. From traveling far and wide to staycation-ing at home; from getting active to looking good whilst doing it – brands are always in the background, quietly crafting our behaviour and the nature of our experiences. Here is all our latest thinking on the sector that underlies everything we do.

Blog of the Month

Up to 150 coffees a month for £20 – but what’s in it for Pret A Manger? With the same allure as the all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut buffet, the YourPret membership seems like a no brainer for coffee-lovers (or even just coffee-likers). But what are Pret and its customer really getting in this trade off, and how will competitors react?

Brands in a time of crisis

2020 Holiday Index During Covid-19

How desperate are you to go on holiday? Is it the health risk or possible cancellations that you’re nervous about? These were some of the questions we were asking ourselves, so we carried out a survey with over 2000 consumers to uncover the answers. Here’s a summary of our key findings, including the main barriers to travelling right now.

Brand & Consumer Relationships During Covid-19

How have brand and consumer relationships changed during lockdown? We ran deep-dive talks with people across lifestages to get to the bottom of it. Our findings show that consumers have more loyalty and support to give brands, so long as brands invest in them and give consumers tangible benefits in return.

Spending Money During Covid-19

How are consumers spending their money during the lockdown? We ran deep-dive talks with people across life stages to get to the bottom of it. Our findings show that the lipstick moment has already passed, and consumers are now willing to spend, but only on brands that are truly meaningful to them.

From amazing travel to financial services: understanding the moments that matter


Keeping the spirit of travel alive in Covid-19

Staycations: Why are they ‘taking-off’?

Travel & Holiday

It’s Ready Steady Cook meets Hunger Games

Throwback to FOMO


Better Digital Platforms, Slicker Omnichannel

Peloton: Aspiration or inclusivity?

Financial Services

The Savings & Investment Challenge

Who will break the financial services copycat cycle?

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