How a generation is shaping the global beer category: The Power of the Millennial

How a generation is shaping the global beer category: The Power of the Millennial

In the latest of a string of companies in the beer category trying to better appeal to millennials, Carlsberg has recently announced a new limited edition packaging range to ‘communicate Carlsberg’s unique place in beer in a manner that will engage millennials’.  They call the range The København Collection, named after the Danish capital city where it all began for the brand.

Carlsberg is the latest (but by no means the first) to try and target the so-called millennial generation, an audience that is increasingly looking for authenticity and new experiences, who have a greater willingness to trade-up and pay more for a more premium offer.  The shake-up that craft beer has caused in the industry has resulted in a great deal of headaches for some of the larger, longer-standing players in the beer category; all of whom are looking to get a slice of the pie in the craft revolution. Towards the end of last year, Marston’s Brewery announced a re-brand to be rolled out across their portfolio in order to attract the younger consumer and reflect the way the beer market is going. Engagement is not only greater across beer in general but, more specifically, the ale category has been opened up to younger consumers through the rise of craft beers that bridge the gap between lager and the traditional ale.


Some brands, however, are pushing even further than a new bottle design or a brand refresh.  Bath Ales have opened a series of bar/restaurants with a genuine craft feel to them.  Beerd is a Craft Beer and Pizza House which targets millennials with a constantly updating and mouth-watering offer of beers in an environment which fuels social interaction.

Appealing to millennials is a simpler task for micro-breweries and start-ups – with the importance on creating a consistent, distinctive and relevant go-to-market proposition.

But how do large multinational companies credibly move into this space?  Thinking big and playing small. By tapping into local trends and having the agility and customer-centricity of a start-up business to look at new ways to interact with the millennial audience and bring them what they want the most; variety and experience-led occasions.

Andy Quarmby Andy Quarmby